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Real Women Real


 This site was constructed to aid in the awareness of issues that real women face on a day to day basis.  We are represented by ladies of every size, shape, color, sexual preference, financial status and creed.
We are Real Women with Real Issues.

Real Women Real Issues is an international club devoted to support, educate, and empower all women regardless of race, creed, size, and sexual preference.  We encourage women to speak up and let their voices be heard.  We also encourage people to write letters to individuals and companies who practice size, race or sexual discrimination  and to those who exploit women on any level. We offer a place of support, friendship, and encouragement for all of our members.

     Real Women Real Issues believes that all women are beautiful and that we should not be defined by stereotypes created by western culture and society. We are all seperate individuals who bring with them different life experiences and ideas, different goals and talents. Yet, we are all bonded together in sisterhood for one strong purpose, to help each other through the daily trials of our lives and to hopefully make a difference in this world.